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Sports fans know that, in order to place sports bets, they need to be up to date with the latest news on their favorite teams. Despite being at the bottom of the table, Albacete Balompié has made some important additions to its squad and, for this reason, could give a pleasant surprise to fans and bettors alike. Moreover, they have obtained important victories against Zaragoza and Cádiz, teams that are at the top of the table, and this is the reason why many bettors decide to join Alba. Which are your most recent additions?

Álvaro JiménezIf

Albacete had a priority in the signing of new players it was the incorporation of Álvaro Jiménez and the truth is that the club is closer than ever to achieve it.

Coming from Getafe, Alba made use of Álvaro Jiménez on loan and it was one of the reasons, why the team got good results. The midfielder feels very comfortable in the team and could leave Getafe in the next hours to become a permanent player of the squad, that is directed by Lucas Alcaraz.

Carlos MuñozMore

known as Carlos Isaac, the ex-player of Deportivo Alavés is already a part of the squad of Albacete. This right-back is just what the white team was looking for: a young but experienced player. The fact is that Carlos Isaac has spent time with Diego Simeone's Atletico and has the experience of the Primera Division.

This has given him the dynamism Albacete need at the moment; it is his ability to adapt to midfield and right wing that has most attracted Alba to him.

Javi JiménezAlbacete

Balompié's defense also has a new incorporation: Javi Jiménez. Coming from Valencia, Javi Jiménez was loaned by the club that saw him playing from the beginning. In the defense, this player adapts well to the central position and to the right wing, what makes him an excellent incorporation for Alba that needed to occupy these positions.

Other addi

tionsHitherto, these are the other additions to Albacete:
  • David del Pozo del Llagostera
  • Nahuel Arroyo of Inter Madrid
  • Jean Jules del Ray Majadahonda
  • Alfredo Ortuño del Oviedo
  • Ángel Moreno of the Cultural Leonesa
  • Alfonso Gonzales del Getafe
Albacete have already prepared their reinforcements to face this stage of the Second Division.

Football and sports betting fans know that in order to make the right decisions, in addition to a quota comparison, they must follow the latest developments of all the teams. With two important victories, Albacete are preparing for the rest of the tournament in the hope of winning. Álvaro Jiménez, Carlos Muñoz and Javi Jiménez are only three of the last signings of Alba, who bring hope to all the fans.

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