When will international football be revived?

Sports bring together fans from all over the world and the fascination for their different disciplines has even become a show in Las Vegas, a city that until a few years ago was dedicated exclusively to gambling. Football, in particular, is one of the most popular sports, and its fans are eagerly awaiting the resumption of matches. The directors of the Honduran National League ended the tournament, which had been underway since January and was due to end in May. As a result, the president of the country's biggest soccer tournament said that the next league without an audience is being considered. As we wait for more developments in local football, we ask what everyone wants to know: when will international football be revived?


Bundesliga, the main competition in German football, will be the first to return from European football.

The most curious thing is that tests carried out on German club players revealed 10 positive cases of COVID-19, but that did not stop the decision to resume the tournament, this time under strict conditions and without an audience. With nine matches to be played, 15 May is the long-awaited date and it seems that all that remains is to await the final decision of the German ministers. Should they decide in favour of the resumption of football, this would be in addition to the reopening of schools and shops that will gradually return to their normal duties. The




as the Dutch Premier League and is the largest league in the Netherlands. The planned date for their return is 19 June, but this will only happen if the conditions for a safe tournament are in place and if the government authorizes it.

For their part, well-known Dutch clubs such as Ajax and AZ Alkmaar had voiced their opposition to the resumption of the tournament. However, the Royal Dutch Football Federation is determined to end the competition which has only eight matches remaining. The idea is that by 19 June the teams will take part in friendly matches to get back into the swing of things and by 31 July the tournament will be over to kick off the new season. Restart


Restart Project is part of the protocol proposed by the English Premier League to reactivate the national football. This measure arises from the position that the matches will be played to finish the tournament and that this is not a decision made around a desk.

For the time being, the most important English clubs have met and it is expected that at the next meeting they will vote in favour or against this measure which will lead to the resumption of the competition by 8 June. If they decide in favor of the return of the tournament, training would begin three weeks earlier so that the players can prepare for the remaining 9 dates.

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